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World Has Ever Seen.

We Do It for You, but We Couldn't Do It Without You.

Best of Luck on Your Profitable Journey...

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Get Smart, Get Profitable and Get Back to Making Music; At the Profitable Musician Summit
"Wait... So, I Can Learn From 33 of the Best Minds in Music...

...Anytime I Need, For LIFE?"

In May 2018 we launched; in April 2019 we refined. More tactical, more practical and more gold uncovered than we ever expected.

In year #1, we brought the best minds in the music business together to uncover over 30 of the most profitable income streams available to every artist on the planet.

But just making money alone, isn’t enough.

We have to know how to manage it, how to make it grow, how to make every cent do more for us. Because when you’re an independent artist, every cent counts. So we brought the event back with a completely new spin...

33 of the best minds in music, here to discuss the #1 strategies around maximising every cent you earn.

Decades of the best ideas and strategies into literally hours of actionable insights.

We edited these interviews to make sure they're 100% tactical and fluff free. 

We took the best lessons and created simple, easy to follow PDF action plans. 

We prepared the audio ready for anyone who wants to listen on demand. 

And we made this package available to our attendees who wanted lifetime access.

With over 3000 attendess from all over the globe attending this virtual conference, and over 200 VIP All-Access Passholders, you'll be in fine company in joining them, too.

The bottom line is this: there is no better collection of tactical, actionable insights on maximising your living as an independent artist available on the web.

And we're bringing it back down to it's original price, for Black Friday only.

We want you to have everything you need to launch into 2020; so you're ready with a plan, to work towards making a living with music. 

We hope to see you inside!

With appreciation for what you do,
Bree Noble + Steve Palfreyman

Oh, and if you'd like more info on what all of this is about, just read on, we've outlined it all right here on this page. 😀

If you want to watch later or rewatch sessions, there’s only one way to get access to the entire Profitable Musician Summit.

It’s our VIP All-Access Pass, and it lets you view the entire summit any time – without ever setting foot in a convention hall.

You can learn on your schedule. When you need the support most.

Think of it like being at the world's best music conference, only we're finally talking about one thing that so often gets missed: how to build a profitable career!

Better still, you don't need to fork out the $2,000 tickets that some events command. 

There’s no plane ticket, hotel room, or overpriced meals. No lines, no running between venues. Just world-class mentorship on demand.

And with the VIP All-Access Pass, you don’t even need to sacrifice your social life to cram all the sessions into a few days.
Get LIFETIME Access to 33 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses for…
just $97 (normally $499)
Watch the Profitable Musician Summit at your convenience
You don’t have to run to your computer to watch a session before it’s locked away in the vault (2 days from when it’s posted).

Instead, you can rewatch the entire event anytime you want. 

You miss nothing, and you decide when and what to watch. 

You’ll discover powerful strategies that are rarely uncovered in this level of detail, and never so focused on such a crucial topic to all over our careers; how to make and sustain income. 

You'll also get access to MP3's and get a bonus action plan crafted from each speaker, so you can listen on the go and have a plan to implement when you're back in the studio. 

Not to mention the Private Q&A session replay where you can be a fly on the wall listening to other VIPs get their questions answered personally by Bree Noble and a number of our Summit Experts. This VIP Q&A was held exclusively for All-Access Pass holders.

With the All-Access Pass, you will literally have everything you need to get smart, get profitable & get back to making music.
Our speakers and special guests include some of the biggest names in independent music today. Every speaker has been hand-picked as the #1 expert in their field.
Ariel Hyatt
Cyber PR
Ari Herstand
Ari's Take
Cari Cole
Cari Cole Voice & Music Co.
Graham Cochrane
The Recording Revolution
Tiamo De Vettori
Musicpreneur Academy
Rick Barker
Music Industry Blueprint
Carrie Olsen
Carrie Olsen Voiceover
Dave Cool
Cherie Hu
Music + Tech Journalist
Suzanne Paulinski
The Rock/Star Advocate
Randy Chertkow
Making Money with Music
Cheryl B Engelhardt
In the Key of Success
Debra Russell
Artist's Edge
Ryan Kairalla
Break the Business
Kevin Breuner
CD Baby
Alexis Louis
Growth Group
Greg Wilnau
Musician Monster
D Grant Smith
The Growth Farmer
Tommy Darker
Nancy Moran
Azalea Music
Tiana Clewis
Selah Financial Coaching
Mike Warner
Chart Metric
Wade Sutton
Rocket to the Stars
Azalea Music
Vicki Ambinder
Music Performance Coach
Corrin Campbell
Moshe Amsel
DreamBuilder Financial
Martin & Jude Folkman
Independent Music Awards
Christine Infanger
Thirty Roses
Michael Elsner
Master Music Licensing
Cliff Goldmacher
Songwriter & Music Producer
Sawyer's Dream
Michael Bridges
Get LIFETIME Access to 33 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses for…
just $97 (normally $499)
What Needs to Change For You to Become Profitable?

We created this event because we know there’s no quick fix in this area. And we know the standard money-tips advice out there isn’t nearly specific enough to your career in the music industry.

This is not about making it big overnight; it’s about getting the knowledge you need to think like a startup but act like a seasoned CEO. 

This isn’t about your career today, or this month. This is about what you want your career to look like in the future. Because the decisions you make today will compound; quite literally. 

To help you realise your dreams of having a profitable long-term music career, we’ve brought together the pre-eminent minds in independent music to help you take charge of your musician business once and for all.

This year isn’t just about you only making money. 

- It’s about how you can make it work for you.

- It’s about making smarter business decisions. 

- Where to use your income to grow your income; and finally get your time back.

This is about the other side of being a profitable musician. 

The part everyone’s been too scared to talk about, until now.

And the Profitable Musician Summit - VIP All-Access Pass is a chance to have decades upon decades of lived experience, condensed into 30+ hours of strategic advice, in your pocket, ready to guide you when you need it most.

In fact, this is why we made this VIP Pass - not because you need everything every day; but because you just don't know what guidance you'll need tomorrow.
Don’t fall behind: secure LIFETIME access to all the "Summit Sessions" now!
Upgrade today and get access to the VIP Q&A Call Recording, only for All-Access Pass Holders.
If you’re like most people, the right advice or insight can catapult your success.

While we believe so much in the content provided by our experts here, we also know that the personal touch goes a long way.

More specifically, you have your own unique situation and sometimes the most helpful thing can just be getting some external guidance.

That's why we're including this epic bonus, where you'll get access to a live replay of the special Q&A call our VIP's had with Bree Noble and Steve Palfreyman, alongside a number of the Summit Speakers.

You'll get the best insights from the event, bonus tips to implement what you learn from the main masterclasses and get to hear all the answers that your fellow VIP's asked after the event.

This is as close as you can get to getting 1:1 guidance (but without the hefty price tag!)

Each of the guests and Bree charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to consult with artists and business, but this event replay is included for All-Access Pass Holders.
Our Highly Sought After Companion Guide, Covering Session Notes & Action Steps for All 33 Expert Sessions!
This 100+ page PDF isn't just a transcript... It's the most useful notes from all sessions, condensed into an actionable format so you can always quickly refer back to the sessions you've seen and know exactly what to do next to keep making progress on the speaker's suggestions.

This PDF guide has become our most sought after bonus, and is included in the bundle. Boom!
But remember, the main draw is LIFETIME access to the Summit.
Because once they step off the virtual stage, these guests are virtually inaccessible. People have paid over $1,000 an hour to talk with some of them!

For a very limited time, we're opening these doors back up, so you can get access for the original early-bird rate and at a fraction of the full price you'd pay to access any other day of the week.
Get LIFETIME Access to 33 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses for…
just $97 (normally $499)
Your happiness is #1. Take a full 30 days to see for yourself how epic this event is.
What could this change for you?
Some people will spend the next 50 years trapped in a feast-and-famine cycle of their own creation.

They’ll bury their heads in their pillows every morning. 

Swear at their alarm clock daily because they can’t bear punching the clock one more time. 

And be haunted by the realization that nobody will miss them if they give up making music. 

They'll always be wondering 'what if'...
But You’re different.

Perhaps it'll be a month from now, 6 months from now, or a even a year...

In the grand scheme of things, even one small change to your income in the next 12 months can be a complete career-changer in 5 years time.

You're smart enough to know that you need to get moving today and set yourself up to make more than just a living; to build a remarkable music career.

Imagine what it'll be like when you can finally record anytime you want, wherever you want. You can make decisions on your terms, like your idols do.

You can focus on the thing that brought you here in the first place; making amazing music.

And you'll be doing this without guilt, without sacrifice & without struggle.

No more staring blankly at your computer screen wondering what on earth you're meant to do to next...

You'll instead be laying the foundation for your future so you can get right back to doing what you love most.
Get LIFETIME Access to 33 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses for…
just $97 (normally $499)
Who the  All-Access Pass is Really For:
You don’t have to be an industry expert, an award-winning musician, or some super tech-savvy social media whizz.

And you don’t have to spend years dreaming or trying to “figure it out.” 

If you’ve ever felt like you have music that more people need to hear...or that you can feel deep-down you deserve to make a living from your art...

Then right now, this is the world's most extensive resource on maximising your income from music. Full stop.

And couple these game-changing sessions with exclusive access to personal support after the event, you're literally about to walk out with everything you need to become a Profitable Musician.

We know that the sooner you start, the sooner you can breathe easy, knowing you're finally on a sustainable pathway; one that doesn’t just just feel like it might be growing, but literally is growing, with the only metric that really matters; the profit you generate in your career.

And we’re so excited to help you make smarter decisions, find money you didn’t know existed, and finally feel like you’re in complete control of your business.

Welcome to what it feels like to be an actual CEO of your own career.

LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire Virtual Summit, including downloadable audio and full-video presentations
with Bree + Guests after the Summit.
Detailed step-by-step action plans will be available for every day's focused topic, so you can watch the sessions first, and refer to these guides to start growing your profitable career in the fastest way.
Want to learn on the go? Or maybe you want to go over some of the sessions at other times. The entire Summit will be available as MP3 downloads for you to take with you anywhere.
Prefer to learn in the fast lane? Our VIP Access area has speed controls to let you watch each session at your chosen speed. A killer tool if you need to learn multiple income streams, fast.
Isn't it time you got smartprofitableback to making music?

Secure LIFETIME Access Now, to 33 Expert Interviews Plus Exclusive Bonuses..

...and sew the seeds for your profitable future. 
Starting today, continuing for life. 
This very special event would not be possible without people to host it, build it, talk about it and launch it. The creators & partners of this event are here because they believe you deserve every chance at building a profitable career.

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